We are happy to welcome You to the 3rd Conference on Physiology of Yeasts and Filamentous Fungi in Helsinki in June 2007. The conference will take place at Marina Congress Centre in the centre of Helsinki. The registration is still open and abstracts can still be submitted but they can no longer be considered as oral presentations.

The conference will bring together scientists from both academic and industrial research laboratories to explore the most recent advances in various basic and applied aspects of the physiology of eukaryotic microbes. The meeting will cover comparative analysis of the expanding genomic sequence information in yeasts and filamentous fungi, as well as the experimental systems biology approaches taken to understand mechanisms of global physiological regulation. Strain engineering and bioreactor-level analysis of production processes will also be discussed.

The meeting is the third one in a series under the Microbial Physiology section of the European Federation of Biotechnology. The previous meetings have been highly successful and appreciated by both academic and industrial audience.

See you in Helsinki!

Prof. Merja Penttilä and Dr. Markku Saloheimo
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

Scientific committee Local organising committee
David Archer (UK)
Eckhard Boles (GER)
Jean Marie Francois (FR)
Lisbeth Olsson (DK)
Danilo Porro (IT)
Jack Pronk (NL)
Juan Martin (ESP)
Diethard Mattanovich (AUT)
Joost Teixeira de Mattos (NL)
Merja Penttilä (FI)
Markku Saloheimo (FI)
Merja Penttilä, VTT
Markku Saloheimo, VTT
Tiina Pakula, VTT
Laura Ruohonen, VTT
Niklas von Weymarn, VTT
Kalervo Hiltunen, University of Oulu
Jussi Jäntti, University of Helsinki
Matti Korhola, University of Helsinki
Kaisa Tapani, Sinebrychoff Brewery
Jari Vehmaanperä, Roal Oy
Annemari Kuokka, VTT (secretary)




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